The B612 is the best "all-in-one app" for all your camera needs.

 The B612 is the best "all-in-one app" for all your camera needs.

Here you will find everything you are looking for in B612 - a Korean beauty filter app, including makeup, stickers, short-videos, editing, video samples, music videos and more. New stickers, filters and effects are added every day for our Indian user in India. Have fun with B612 and create amazing memories.

  Create your own stickers and filters:

  Put your own ideas into reality, create your own stickers and filters

  Add real, real-time effects, budgets, makeup, frames and more

  Creation Save your creation and get a chance to specialize

  Create music videos:

  High Easily create high quality videos

  Videos Combine your videos with catchy tunes and make short videos

  Dyn different effects and playback speeds for more dynamic music videos

Pure filters to suit your taste:

  High quality photo filters suitable for selfies, food, landscapes or any occasion

  Favorite Quick access to your favorite and most used filters

  Custom Create and save your custom filters

  Photo editor:

  Existing Use the editing tools from the gallery to make your existing photos more special

  Try amazing filters, stickers for pictures and new trendy photo effects

  Auto auto. Use cuts and change your background

Beauty & Makeup Editor: Features like smooth skin, makeup are now easy to add

Ratio your pictures and videos in all sizes for Instagram (1: 1), YouTube (16: 9) and other media (9:16)

  ● Easy and fast one touch adjustment tools

  Collage Create a collage where you can see all your best moments in one place

  Video editor:

  Edit and create videos from scratch using multiple effect tools

  Edit videos like Pro Pro and create your own video and share it with your friends on Instagram and YouTube

  Different merge different videos and create a whole project

  Add your favorite music to your videos using The Music Library

  Cut your videos to different sizes and fit them to your liking

  Use Multiple Trending Effects and make the video more professional

  Studio feature:

  Get 1000+ video templates and collage layouts to make amazing content extraordinary

  The most trending and new video editing templates for you to edit your videos easily and quickly

  Daily Discover new video as well as photo editing templates on a daily basis

  An easy way to find out what Tre Trending is as well as set new trends

  More than 1,500 different stickers:

  Facial recognition stickers that can distort your face or turn you into a cute animal

  Day Glossy effects and stylish analog filters to brighten up your day

  Drawing Various drawing effects that you will draw while taking video

  Celebrate every festival with new trending stickers and effects

  Discover the newest most trending and viral stickers

  Real-time beauty and makeup effects to get the perfect shot at once:

  A Perfect skin with a single tap

  Get your ideal face shape with your easy to use slider

  Imp Get rid of pimples Adjust features like smoothing, dark circles, holes for perfect selfie

  Picture Change the makeup styles for each picture.